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Ribeiro Games is a board game shop located in NY, we currently are looking for new place and until then we are eager to review board games, and not just give a score from 1 to 10 or must buy and don’t buy but also talk about the game play itself and maybe you can make up your minds about the game. Our team is composed of veteran tabletop players, and some of us are also designers too, but don’t worry this will not affect our judgment we are all professionals and we will be non lenient towards all the games we review.  We will off course post our favorite games first and go on from there. Viewers are encouraged to comment on our mistakes and mail us their own reviews so we can improve our site and be more accurate. Thanks for visiting us we hope that we will help you choose your favorite board game and if you are in NY then stay tuned we will post the location of our new shop as soon as we open it.